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To Dearest - GingaWeedXCIX
Shining brighter is a dream for you, that we all want to inspire.
Never give up hope on a little thing my dear, that heart of yours is a gift that you deserve.
I'm Within your dreams that are currently getting invaded by despair, but I am the angel that can help you through it...
no, we are all angels that adore you and never want you to fall.
You can mask your weakness away from the lords of death but they will find out eventually.
However, they cannot stop us from saving you, my dear.
Me, John, Zac, Erik, Swole, Bryan, Neon, Zeldakira and everyone else that holds no fear.
Comfortable hugs and talks can regain your strength against an almighty foe that is called Despair.
Remember this my dear, 
You are not alone.
You are forever strong.
You are cherished towards everyone.
NEVER give up hope.
Life only has a 1 Vocal Chord left, 
Keep it in rhythm and alive.
Too scared? 
Don't be.
We are always here for you, my dear.
:iconitshayleythekat:ItsHayleyTheKat 0 2
SDR2 - Chapter 2 - Beyond Trust - Daily Life
What we all saw was something we cannot forget. The absolute feeling of despair running through our lungs. However, after our 1st Class Trial ended, I saw a certain someone in desperate need for a friend. "No... why did this happen? Why did this happen to Marzia?" Hayley stated emotionally. I walked up to her, looking into her dreadful eyes filled with despair. Marzia Kirishima was her sister that was brutally killed by Austen who was now been executed. Painfully... "Hayley... you have to move on from this, your just beating yourself over this. Your inflicting despair which you don't deserve." I said softly. Hayley slowly kneeled onto the patchy sand and let out her tears out of her eyes, like a waterfall. "I know but... I just want my sister back! She didn't deserve to die!" Hayley shouted emotionally. Everyone stopped and turned towards Hayley due to the loud and emotional speech she gave. It has shown us so much compassion that Hayley gave towards Marzia.  "Hayley, please stop
:iconitshayleythekat:ItsHayleyTheKat 0 4
Chapter 1 Execution - Austen, The Ultimate Athlete
"The 1000 Mile of Despair"
Austen, The Ultimate Athlete was grabbed by a strong chain from behind which dragged him across towards a field that was filled with mini jumping obstacles. Austen was forced onto his feet like he was participating in the race course. But it wasn't any ordinary obstacle. Monokuma had a mini-machinegun at the ready as he soon pulled the trigger of a gun. 
Austen began running and jumping over the mini-jumping obstacles one by one with all of us watching him in so much despair all except one person. Marzia Kirishima, the person that Austen had killed just to be at this point. Meanwhile, Austen was starting to get tired of running and jumping, his speed was slowly decreasing but the machine-gun that Monokuma was firing at him was catching up very quickly until it struck when he reached the final obstacle. The last bullet hit his face and stomach which resulted him to fall to the floor in a instant death. Another Monokuma who was wearing a referee uniform ca
:iconitshayleythekat:ItsHayleyTheKat 1 4
SDR2 - Chapter 1 Destination Despair Class Trial
ItsHayleyTheKat's tips: Highlighted words in bold are statements that the protagonist can agree or object to. Except for the Rebuttal Showdown where the protagonist can only object.
"Let's begin with a smiple explanation of the Class Trial! So, your votes will determine the trial's outcome. If you can figure out  'Whodunit' then they  will receive punishment. But if you pick the wrong one... then I will punish everyone besides the blackened and they will earn the right to leave this island. Let's begin the Class Trial, Shall we?" Monokuma asked. "Ok then, Let us start off introducing our the victim of this case." I stated. "Marzia Kirishima, The Ultimate Artist was killed by one of us with a knife that they have used to murder her with. According to the Monokuma File, Marzia was killed just before free-time commenced. But I suggest she was killed beforehand." Looking at the murder weapon that they used made me think that the Culprit snuck into th
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Fragments - Chapter 2 - Beyond Trust - Secrets
So you finally witnessed despair? I'm glad it came to that conclusion! The look on Hayley Kirishima's face was just priceless! She had no alternative clue that her sister Marzia was trying to kill someone. Oh, your not interested in my opinion? Jeez, don't get so upbringing about this. You only care what's going to occur in Chapter 2. Well... sit down and devour despair like it's your daily Bed and Breakfast routine, or something like that.
In Chapter 2, It seems that trust Isn't always as it seemed to be. After the unforgettable core of horror which The class Trial of Marzia Kirishima's death, everyone began depressing themselves. Searching high and low to find a way out of the island. As you may know in Chapter 1, Hayley Kirishima and the protagonist John Simmons have a close relationship with each other now. Not officially boyfriend and girlfriend but... just close friends. However, Hayley Kirishima was more depressed than everyone else after John told her that Marzia wasn't any old
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SDR 2 - Chapter 1 Destination Despair Deadly Life
MURDERED: Marzia Kirishima. 
It can't be possible... Marzia Kirishima, The Ultimate Artist. Lying on the floor with empty fragile boxes surrounding her, covered in her own blood. Her body pointing on the right direction and glass shards found around the whole room that must of came from a broken mirror. I slowly look left to shift my gaze onto a emotional Hayley Kirishima. "No... Marzia... She can't be dead, she can't be. There's no way!" Hayley shouted emotionally. I wrap my arms around her, stabilizing her anger into a normal condition where she finally started to make sense. 'Hayley, I know this must be hard to surpass but please calm down. I'll promise you and to myself that I will find the culprit no matter what the cost. I will promise you." I replied. Hayley hugs me tightly in fear and distress. I understand her feelings. However, Amy peaked out of her cottage door and came towards us. "Heya you two! Getting a little too frie-" Amy stops and screams at Marz
:iconitshayleythekat:ItsHayleyTheKat 0 4
SDR 2 - Chapter 1 Destination Despair - Daily Life
I squint my eyes towards the very front of the classroom, it's something very unusual to see in a school. A white rabbit jumped and landed on her feet very firmly. "Ello Everyone! my name is Usami! and I'm your class teacher for this school trip!" We all were in deep shock to see a rabbit talking very naturally, except for one person. "Usami hm? That sounds familiar." Hayley said calmly, "Hayley, how come you are so calm about this? I mean... it's a rabbit with a magic wond!" I exaggerated. "There's no need to be alarmed everyone! please, just settle down. I know it's awkward for a rabbit like me to talk normally but please let me explain the situation?" Usami said shyly. "Go ahead, it ain't weird for a rabbit to talk." Hayley said confidently. As she said that, everyone looked at Hayley as if she had experienced this once before, or has she? 
Usami stutters to let her out words that will calm us down. "R-Right! um, I'm your teacher for this semester due to your former teacher who
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You're The Desire
You finally known me, didn't you? You risk your life for me? Just to love me, forgive me and staying with me. 
That's your expectations of love. The only thing I'm drawn too is despair. The only Your drawn too is hope. 
Where's your desire? The final choice that life depends on? The choice was pointed to me when I barely regretted it. 
You're the desire that I chose.
You need me, I need you. the many things we can imagine is just in our reach! Our love is fully unstoppable against despair and it's forever side effects.
Despair conquered my soul before you ever appeared, my humanity wasn't stable, it was chaotic and filled with conflict. 
You changed me. 
I'm Hayley Kirishima, your desire, your princess of your life...                      
:iconitshayleythekat:ItsHayleyTheKat 1 2
Fragments - Chapter 1 Secrets
So this is where the game begins. I can just feel the despair flowing through my whole body. Despair is heavenly and so is death but I guess the unfortunate students at Hopes Peak Academy will sense death in their grasp. I really do not feel sorry for them. After all, I'm no believer of hope. Petty benevolence is just disgusting. But devouring hope is unique the way it is and "The Ultimate Despair" will kindly do that request for me from start to end. One of these students will end up dead, devouring hope and following the footsteps of despair. All because of a second name that a 'Ultimate' has. A second name that is well known. 
Stay tuned. 
:iconitshayleythekat:ItsHayleyTheKat 0 0
SDR 2 - Chapter 00 Introduction
"What a warm and lovely day." I know what you might be thinking, who am I? Well, I'm John Simmons. A simple boy who always forgives an act of violence but unusually I end up being a last minute transfer student at Hopes Peak Academy. Yeah! Me being a student at one of the most prized and unique school in the whole world! I always wanted to be a student here ever since I was little, technically my only childhood dream. However, I know that I'm gonna meet fifteen 'Ultimate' students once I enter this school! Hayley Kirishima The Ultimate Storywriter, her sister Marzia Kirishima The ultimate Artist, Aureila The Ultimate Director, Erik Durant The Ultimate Musician, and much more! 
I looked up to the sky as I kept the rhythm of my walking to myself. I stopped and awaited for the academy gates to open until it eventually did, I once again walked towards the main door with so much conference in my grasp. I opened the door and look round the luxurious lounge making sure I'm safe to enter
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Fragments - Chapter 00 Secrets
Ever heard of "The Ultimate Despair" no? Ok! Here's a little hint, 'Evil'! Just kidding, i'll give you a more depth explanation. "The ultimate Despair" is someone who process Despair as their national talent to crush 'Hope'. All of you human beings obtain Hope inside of your pitty little hearts. However, those students at Hopes Peak Academy are... well... how should I put this...? Doomed?! Yeah, their doomed because they don't know there's a hidden "Ultimate Despair" lurking, watching? No, Spectating their every move.  Who am I? You say? I'm typically nobody and knowing who I am is none of your business. Ever. 
I'm simply looking out for you. But don't worry, once the game has begun. "The Ultimate Despair" will start reveal itself more frequently right before your very eyes. All I have to say is... 
Good luck... 
:iconitshayleythekat:ItsHayleyTheKat 0 0
A Life to think about twice - Creepy-pasta
I wanted to know the paradise that my dreams keep imaging. It's so wonderful and elegant to live and escape the reality that is a world full of lies, death and destruction, closing my eyes is all I need to do without thinking of anyone or something that links in with reality. But why would I leave "him"? He's my precious, my only thing that keeps me alive from the very beginning. But... can I really be safe on the fantasy side? Not getting myself hurt again and not letting my psycho self take control of my body once more? It is my choice after all, and I will desire to be safe. Once again. 
I slowly close my eyes as I lay on my soft, warm and lovable bed. He truthfully told me what to do that would let me enter the vital world named 'The Mindscape' which I never known it would exist in people's dreams. I carefully feel the essence of my future slipping through my mind... would it be a positive thing that I didn't exist in anyway possible? 
I woke up in the same place as befor
:iconitshayleythekat:ItsHayleyTheKat 2 4
Pure Imagination
Pure imagination, in a world of love and wonder surrounded by the beautiful winter paradise. Hand in hand, nothing to compare to the world of hatred and darkness, your eyes cannot slip away from the hair you love to feel forever with me. Tick... tock... tick... tock... time is the only thing we have but our love combined can make it last... forever. 
Pure imagination, love cannot fade when it lasted for generations on end. you promise me that everything is ok. If we want to see a world of just us in love... come with me, where we will begin together without a figment of darkness in our eyesight but do not be afraid because your desire is here in your open arms. travelling in a world of infinite imagination. 
My dress is irresistible, a natural size for a wife to be fitted into. I know you want me. But now you have me.
Pure imagination... A imagination of interest that you and me can live in forever.  
inspiration: 'Pure imagination' by
:iconitshayleythekat:ItsHayleyTheKat 1 2
Cherry Tree
It seeks hearts full of desires, a thing that sees my future. Tell me something, he is not that much alone anymore? Am I his desire?
Stupid as thy nonsense, my love is no match. I'm a rare one, you cannot deny that fact, simply the one to fall for. Am I still his desire?
I am desperate for a reasonable answer! He'll catch attention if he is not mine, thou must listen to the words I say! Still... Am I still his desire?
He is the heartbeat that makes me alive and well to continue forward towards a healthy future. Don't regret the wish I simply asked.
I'm not letting him go, he is mine to love not to see fading away from my bare hands. You don't trust your guests right? thou stupid... I don't care what you needed to say. you crazy, are you not? A kiss can only make the decision in my mind.
:iconitshayleythekat:ItsHayleyTheKat 0 3
Forced Down To Reckoning
- They know I'm here but inactive. Stop thinking you don't know me! you remember my face.
- Trapped behind double doors that will save me, my dreams will fade away and so will my life. Anyone there to end this nightmare?
- The power cannot be the hero, it's out of order, foxy, his eyes look into mine. He knows... that I will now die.
- lurking into the window is the main aspect of their faces, insanity is my name. But the reflection has became imbalanced, save me tonight.
- I can never wake up,
                              The darkness consumes me.
:iconitshayleythekat:ItsHayleyTheKat 1 2




Don't give up on hope Amy! You are much stronger than me. I look up to you when I dont want to admit to anyone else that I actually do.


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Hayley Kirishima
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Hiya, i'm Hayley Kirishima, a 18 year old anime and cat lover from France. I'm an expert on stories, poems and a few of other things that involves writing. Yes, I am in a perfect relationship right now with my amazing boyfriend John Simmons (J-S-Cat) you can visit his DA profile if you get the chance though. Right now for me on DA, I am currently working on a parady off an anime called 'Super Danganranpa 2' which involves 16 of my friends (including myself) in a deep struggle to escape the school named 'Hopes Peak Academy'. In order to escape, they have to kill each other.

Hopefully you enjoy the story when I publish them! <3 See yah later!


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